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Cybersecurity Training

Cybersecurity training for enterprises is a process of educating cybersecurity professionals and employees on how to protect the organization’s data, systems, and networks from cyberattacks. It aims to raise awareness, improve skills, and foster a security culture among the staff.


Compedia, in collaboration with leading educational institutions and cybersecurity experts, develops a suite of cybersecurity training courses that fit a variety of verticals and subject matters.


Compedia’s Cybersecurity training products apply the most advanced technologies like VR, AR, and AI. The learning is gamified, active, and engaging, incorporating real-life simulations of Cybersecurity threats.


Healthcare Cybersecurity

To train cybersecurity professionals and all employees of the Healthcare industry about the threats of cybersecurity and how to cope with them.



To fight against drug crime in Europe

by immersing law enforcment employees in a virtual interview training system.


Quantum Cybersecurity 101

To train Cybersecurity professionals about Quantum Computing and how to protect the current and future digital infrastructure from its threats. 

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