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Concerned about the effect of computer games on young minds?

In the future, computer games may play a central role in keeping children healthy, according to the vision shared by the Schneider Medical Center, the Compedia software company,and Intel.

Compedia presents a system developed jointly by Compedia and Schneider Medical Center with the support of Intel. Running on an Intel Classmate™ PC, the system provides an engaging virtual world that is rich in games and simulations. The goal is to encourage healthy behavior patterns for diabetes management, using virtual reward and monitoring mechanisms.

“Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus (T1DM) is a lifelong chronic condition. Medicine has provided pretty good tools to manage this condition, but the challenge is in getting the patients to comply with necessary daily regimes,” explains Professor Moshe Phillip, Director of the Schneider Medical Center – National Center of Childhood Diabetes who also serves as the co-editor of the Yearbook of Advanced Technologies and Treatments in Diabetes.

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